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Pops of pink in Pudong punctuated our smoggy yet wonderful last day in Shanghai. It was May 24, 2015, on the final leg of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce trade mission, sponsored by HSBC. The lobby of the Shanghai Peace hotel…the classic yet still surprising combination of deep pink and chartreuse…classic, yet feeling fresh at the same time! But not as surprising as pink poodle ears walking along the Bund…. Even the green wall along the Bund inspired in swirls of pink! One of many splashes of pink seen in China!

Moving Furniture

The habit of moving furniture around seems to run in my family. My mother enjoyed doing it to try out new configurations, and I confess I like to do it too! And, although actually lifting furniture and trying it in different configurations or even on different floors of the house is still a game I like to play, I am now also intrigued by furniture that can actually be easily transformed—by sliding a panel, lifting a flap, pushing or pulling a drawer.  Through a combination of fancy hardware, properly weighted panels, or integral hand-crafted pulls, our newest furniture for spring… Read More

Happy 2015!

At the start of this year we invited you to LOOK INSIDE. It became a theme for us as we prepared for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show—“a poetic idea that ties together a dynamic display both literally and figuratively.” But little did we know at the time how prescient our invitation was to “open a drawer, slide a door, peer into a mirror and explore a whole new range of products…” What had started in the spring as the sliding panel of our new Wall*nut Vanity XL (shown above), the visual rhythm of our cadence mirror, and the blend of beautiful… Read More

Kinetic Energy at Hotel Resource!

We’re looking forward to debuting our KINETIC collection at “Hotel Resource,” the Resource Furniture 235 square-foot luxury micro-hotel room  at Dwell on Design, 9-11 October. We know we will feel right at home, given our shared interests in highly functional yet luxurious fine furniture. For this special occasion we have created three brand-new pieces with the Hotel Resource micro-hotel room in mind, in a rich palette of materials featuring metallic-finished oak, hand-rubbed walnut, and lacquer–all filled with new functionality. But for us, the event also has the feeling of a gathering of old friends, because the work has evolved from the… Read More


My mother has often said that a pair of anything is more valuable than just one. Of course, she was referring to antique lamps and chairs, but I think the rule applies in many instances throughout all aspects of life. Pairings are popular when it comes to food and drink these days. In our case, it’s plates and eco-friendly trays and coasters that pair well with our favorite foods and Brooklyn locations! Please join us a week from today at Brooklyn Eats to view our tableau of pairings for your tabletop! You might  end up convinced that a set of… Read More