Lobby Art Installation

Interior Renovation : Art Installation

New Rochelle, NY

With vivid color and new energy, the installation seems to grow out of the building’s entrance and into the tiny elevator lobby. This project evolved from the BID’s desire to help the building owner attract artist-tenants, jump-starting an emerging artist district in the downtown. With a minimal budget, only 2,675 SF of space, and the desire to be environmentally sensitive, this permanent art installation was devised to be installed as an overlay on the existing lobby finishes, including the tile floor, stairs, and storefront, avoiding the cost and dust of demolition. Nevertheless, the swirling geometry and gigantic leaves in the installation’s motifs transform the lobby, interpreting in vinyl the imagery in the building’s richly-textured yet monochrome historic terracotta façade. Oil-finished, bamboo plywood panels, a material composed of a renewable resource, were used to frame the existing mirror and to create a unique address panel and interior signage. Following completion of this project, the artist work spaces in the building are now fully leased. This positive outcome illustrates that history can be celebrated in new ways that involve minimal cost yet are visually exciting and conducive to economic growth.