Art Walk Installation Home for Eliasson Sculpture

Public Art Installation

New Rochelle, NY

Elements of surprise, history and intrigue blend to create the first stop in a captivating “Arts Walk”! The New Rochelle Business Improvement District has commissioned Think Fabricate to design an enclosure for  “Your Repetitive View, ” a 16-foot long, mirror-lined plywood “kaleidoscope” by artist Olafur Eliasson, to be located  at the high point of the City’s Library Green,  where it will be visible to library-goers and travelers along Huguenot Avenue, a major thoroughfare in the downtown named for the early French settlers of New Rochelle, from whom the city has taken the fleur de lys as its symbol. The kaleidoscope pierces its shipping-container enclosure,  which is wrapped  with steel perforated in the shape of the fleur de lys,  evolving into a bird taking flight in various directions, like the city itself. The sculpture and key components of the container are painted in a bright colored palette, visible to passersby.