Think Fabricate Hits the Streets

Hello! My name is Gabe Gordon, and I work as an intern for Doban Architecture / Think Fabricate. I live in a small, boring, and intensely art-deprived town in Connecticut. Thus, whenever I visit New York I am always intrigued by the modern, innovative furniture designs filling the city’s stores, restaurants, and apartments.

During the first few weeks of working for the company, I never had time to check out Think Fabricate’s furniture. However, walking around the streets of New York, I started noticing their artful designs in different buildings.

For instance, while eating at SOY Asian Kitchen in Queens, I noticed these really interesting box-like lanterns created by Think Fabricate:

Think Fabricate’s simple and contemporary designs are prevalent throughout New York City; a few weeks ago I went to BKLYN DESIGNS and stumbled upon more of their modern furniture. They had a display of their stylish and innovative Wall*nut Hexagon shelving. Personally, these are one of my favorite Think Fabricate designs. They’re so cool!:

Here are more of the Hexagons from ICFF at the Javits Center:

Think Fabricate also featured many of their sleek bathroom cabinetry and vanities at ICFF. On the left is the Wall*nut Medicine Cabinet XL and the River Rock Vanity. On the right is the Wall*nut Medicine Cabinet MC Squared and the A-Loft Bath Credenza in bleached oak:

Think Fabricate’s bathroom cabinetry and vanities are the perfect way to turn a drab, boring bathroom into a modern and elegant space. Who knew a bathroom could be elegant? PLUS, All the furniture is made-to-order. They offer custom configurations, materials, and finishes. This customization allows you to personalize your own furniture, while still maintaining Think Fabricate’s artful designs.

I also stumbled upon their beautiful designs in Blue Sky Bakery in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn:

Seeing their furniture in the streets of New York City has opened my eyes to the new and unique ways in which modern designers fabricate products.

Think Fabricate brings an appreciation of materials as well as an aesthetic appeal to their furniture, ultimately illuminating their skilled craftsmanship and successful designs.

-Gabe Gordon